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Choose 7 survivors and 4 of the non-survivors of the following list of 11 people below. List them in the order in which you would choose them, and provide brief explanations explaining the reasons for each section (for ALL 11): that is, why you chose to keep the 7 survivors and why you chose not to keep the 4 non-survivors. Order your 7 survivors from most important (1) to least important (7) and order your 4 non-survivors from closest to survive (8) to least closest to survive (11).
_____ Dr. D – 37, Ph D. in history, college professor, in good health (jogs daily), hobby is botany, enjoys politics, married with one child (Bobby)._____ Mrs. D. – 38, obese, diabetic, M.A. in psychology, counselor in a mental health clinic, married to Dr. D., has one child (Bobby)._____ Bobby D. – 10, mentally challenged with IQ of 70, healthy and strong for his age._____ Mrs. G. – 23, ninth-grade education, cocktail waitress, worked as a prostitute, married at age sixteen, divorced at eighteen, one son (Joseph)._____ Joseph G. – 3 months, healthy_____ Mary E. – 18, trade school education, wears glasses, artistic._____ Mr. N. – 25, starting last year of medical school, music as a hobby, physical fitness buff._____ Mrs. C. – 28, daughter of a minister, college graduate, electronics engineer, single now after a brief marriage, member of Zero Population Growth._____ Mr. B. – 51, B.S. in mechanics, married with four children, enjoys outdoors, much experience in construction, quite handy._____ Father Frans – 37, Catholic priest, active in civil rights, former college athlete, farming background, often criticized for liberal views._____ Dr. L. – 66, doctor in general practice, two heart attacks in the past five years, loves literature and quotes extensively.


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