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Below is the account balances for your company on the date given.Assume that all account balances are at their normal balances.The account balances given below are your starting point.Write and post your journal entries and produce atrial balance. Use the end of the month as your date for the trial balance.Cash $ 5,240Accounts Receivable 1,814Supplies 1,048Accounts Payable 1,942Sales 4,660Common Stock 1,500A) Journalize the following transactionsB) Produce a trial balance for the company1)The company receives $491 from a cash sale to a customer.2)The company receives $654 from a customer who had previously purchased on account.3)The company paid $150 for supplies that had been previously purchased on account.4)The company purchased supplies for $218 ,paying cash.5)The company sold $261 to a customer on account.CHECK FIGURE: Total Debits $ 8,704Congo CompanyAccount BalancesJanuary 1, 2022


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