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Attached is assignment due, You will be responding to post by student by making a substantive contribution must be at least 1 1/2-2paragraphs in length with a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed references in APA Format. No Wikipedia, BLOGS with ads from or, as they present biased opinion. Use peer-reviewed articles to support your thoughts!
You will respond as if you are speaking to student, for example: Great post Cynthia, 
I like that you  mention…….i would like to add…based on your discussion…etc or you can even concur if you do not agree with everything indicated by student. 
Attached is school library log in, must use peer reviewed articles as your references (min of 2 references) 

Question by Professor: What are some of the things you can do as a CEO to help reduce the incidence of medical errors? Hint: Remember the root causes of incidents. Please provide examples

Student 1: Linda Michel

Health is an important segment of the lives of both humans and animals. As always, everybody is cautious to lead a healthy and disease-free life. Despite these efforts, the fact that disease-causing bacteria are around guarantees that people fall sick occasionally. At times, it is bad to the extent that they succumb to these diseases. However, healthcare has been put in place to make sure that whenever one gets ill, they get the requisite care to make sure that they get back to their healthy selves as soon as possible (Aziz ,2016). However, despite this department being put in place to guarantee care to those that are sick, at times errors occur leading to devastating outcomes. Medical errors are bad because patients are subjected to wrong medication which not only strains their bodies but also their financial capabilities. As a CEO, many things can be put in place to curb these errors. Moreover, some changes would be effective in eradicating such errors. Below is an in-depth evaluation of what I can do as a CEO to curb these medical errors (Hamid ,2015).

As a CEO, I would invest heavily in CQI. I would strive for its accreditation in the hospital to make sure that it is institutionalized to quality of services offered to the patients is always best. I would also empower the leaders in the hospital to make sure that they have a good relationship with their counterparts. This will avoid situations where workers work under pressure from their leaders which always leads to errors because they try to work to overcome the pressure and not to serve the patient (Hamid ,2015). An example is a nurse overdosing a drug on a patient because she was nervous about the presence of her boss when administering the medicine. Moreover, I would advocate for constant training of the staff of the hospital in the different services that they offer to ensure that they are aware of anything new and have the best requisite skills to perform their duties with minimal errors. These are in line with the invention of new medical machines which would lead to errors if the operator were not trained. Therefore, constant training will eradicate this error to a minimum thus reducing medical errors.

Additionally, I will allow the staff in the hospital to be innovative in the methods that they use to arrive at their goals. However, these methods need to be evidence-based to avoid experimenting on patients which might lead to dire consequences. Strategies that have proved useful and effective in arriving at medical goals in other hospitals can be implemented to solve problems in the hospital. Moreover, I would encourage innovative partnerships with other institutions and bodies that would help in eradicating errors. An example is a partnership with an IT firm that would help in analyzing data thus reducing the risk of human error (Aziz ,2016).
Anderson, J. G., & Abrahamson, K. (2017, January). Your Health Care May Kill You: Medical Errors. In ITCH (pp. 13-17).
Aziz, H. A. (2016). Using Health Information Technology to Enhance a Culture of Safety.

Student 2: Allison Smith

Role of CEO in Reducing Medical Errors
High-quality healthcare services are characterized by the proper care at the right time, fulfilling the patients’ needs and preferences while significantly reducing resource waste and sources of harm. Quality healthcare services support achieving desirable health outcomes and enhance consistency in efficiency, timeliness, equality, safety, effectivity, and people-centeredness. Most healthcare facilities across the globe have reported an increased incidence of medical and surgical errors that can easily be avoided through effective leadership (Morrill, 2017). Therefore, the CEO of every healthcare organization is mandated to provide relevant leadership that essentially reduces avoidable medical errors through different techniques.
As the CEO implementing patient safety improvement strategies and techniques will promote the development and growth of the organizational culture. Providing functioning avenues for reporting medical errors, preventable errors, and poor outcomes indicate good safety culture and practices as the source of errors can be identified for prevention and corrective actions. As the CEO, creating a conducive environment with strategic leadership and defined roles and responsibilities enhances the management of competing priorities, which in most cases are the sources of errors. Continuous training of the healthcare providers to improve safety culture promotes the identification of organizational limitations and possible innovations (Goldstein & Weinstein, 2020). This will encourage accountability and transparency of the leadership responsibilities and approaches to addressing medical error improvement methods.
The relationship between hospital administration and healthcare providers is vital in promoting appropriate mechanisms in ensuring patient safety and quality services. Many works of literature have pointed out the development of new interventions as a systematic means of improving medical errors as part of safety improvement procedures. The CEO and the management board have significant influences in promoting sufficient integration of new practices that promote safety performance in their organizations. Continuous review of the traditional and individual personnel practices enables the prior identification of anticipated errors (Caruana, 2020). Therefore, the CEO must provide a structured approach to eliminate recurrent unprofessional and disruptive behaviors among healthcare professionals, significant medical errors.

Caruana, C. J. (2020). Healthy Leadership and Leadership Styles. Leadership and Challenges in Medical Physics: A Strategic and Robust Approach.
Goldstein, S., & Weinstein, J. (2020). The Role of the Hospital Board of Trustees in Ensuring Quality Care. Quality Measures, 181-199.
Morrill, P. W. (2017). A case study: the impact of preventable harm. The Perils of Un-Coordinated Healthcare, 3-19.

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Finding Academic Scholarly Articles
Academic literature is very important to your graduate work. You will want to limit the use of the Web, and instead increase the use of scholarly literature. Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for graduate-level work.

All of your opinions should be backed-up with academic scholarly peer reviewed articles whether they be in discussions or in papers. Your textbook alone as a source is never enough.

To find this academic literature all you need to do is go to your online library. The link and instructions on how to log in are located under Course Home. I would suggest you begin with ProQuest database at the LIRN area of the online library. Within the ProQuest database you will want to be sure that you check the two boxes at the bottom of your keyword search: you want to check full text and you want to check the box for scholarly peer-reviewed work (these are academic). On the ProQuest site you’ll see a little graduation tassel to indicate this will render academic scholarly journals and literature.

ProQuest says of academic articles:

“Scholarly Journals, including peer-reviewed

A publication is considered to be scholarly if it is authored by academics for a target audience that is mainly academic, the printed format isn’t usually a glossy magazine, and it is published by a recognized society with academic goals and missions.

A publication is considered to be peer reviewed if its articles go through an official editorial process that involves review and approval by the author’s peers (people who are experts in the same subject area.) Most (but not all) scholarly publications are peer reviewed. Some trade publications are actually peer reviewed, but ProQuest does not consider them when filtering on peer reviewed. This is because getting results from trade publications instead of academic journals can be frustrating to researchers. Instead, ProQuest excludes these peer reviewed trade publications and only considers publications that are scholarly in terms of content, intent, and audience.”
Enjoy exploring the library. It is one of the great joys of academic research!
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