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OverviewAn important part of any organization’s priorities, as well as an important category of B Corp Certification, is the consideration of added value for customers. In this assignment, you will apply what you have learned about customer expectations and consider how it can be applied to your course project, which is due in Module Seven.PromptYou work in the operations department at NationaliTeas, a large international corporation that manufactures and sells tea worldwide. Based on customer feedback and a push to work toward B Corp Certification, the board of directors is looking for new initiative ideas that would increase value to customers. Examples include offering product guarantees, seeking product quality certifications, monitoring customer satisfaction, and so on. You have been asked to outline two customer-focused initiatives that can be evaluated by impacted teams for feasibility.Specifically, you must address the following:Added Customer Value: Briefly describe the added value your initiative idea brings to customers. Use supporting evidence from course materials in your response.Added Business Value: Briefly describe the added value your initiative idea brings to the organization. Make sure to note the impact of the added customer value on the business, and use evidence from the course materials to support your response.Potential Resources: Identify resources that would likely be needed to complete the initiative. In this case, resources might refer to the amount of funding, the materials available, the allocation of employees and their time, and so on.Monitoring and Evaluation: Briefly describe how the success of the initiative would be monitored over time and how you’d evaluate the criteria for success.Guidelines for Submission
If you have additional questions, please let me know.Intro:Outline your ideasAdded customer value:Address how it will provide additional value to the customer and support with objective metrics or evidence.Added business ValueAddress how it will provide additional value to the business and support with objective metrics or evidence.Draw the connection between adding customer value and business value.Potential Resources:List 2-3 resources you or the project team would need to implement the idea.Time, people, money, materials are examplesMonitoring and Evaluation:How will you monitor / track your idea? (Just because you implement something doesn’t mean it will go on forever. We have to prove viability. Think of it like a business experiment)List 2-3 metrics/data points to help you test your hypothesis.*Think of this like a project charter or a professional business document you would submit to your COO, CEO, or board of directors.*** Be sure to include an APA formatted reference page.


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