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Case Study: In 1999, NASA lost the Mars Climate Orbiter, a 338 kg robotic space probe (with a cost of $327.6 million dollars) due to a failed translation of British units into metric units in the mission software. This mistake triggered an unintentional de-orbit of the probe and its subsequent disintegration in Mars’ upper atmosphere.
Read NASA’s release “Mars Climate Orbiter Failure Board Releases Report, numerous NASA actions underway in response” (
Write a 2-3 page response that details the issues of the case, particularly as they relate to quality, and addresses the following questions:
Which quality approaches, methods and tools would you propose to mitigate each of the 8 contributing factors identified in the release?
Which considerations would you take in order to implement your proposals within the organization?
Before you begin writing, please see the General Guidelines for Case Studies and review the assessment criteria below.
Papers will be assessed on the following criteria:
Description of the Case and Identification/Coverage of Major Issues
Depth and Scope of Analysis
Solutions and Strategies
Writing Clarity and Quality
APA formatting


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