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For this assignment, revise your Rough Draft by considering the feedback you have received from your instructor and fellow classmates. Please note that revision is not the same as fixing-errors. While you are expected to proofread your final paper carefully, you will also need to consider global and local revisions. (See your textbook for definitions of these terms.) The goal is to write the best paper you can, and, while you have received feedback from readers (your instructor and the class), the choices of what and how to revise are up to you.Your revision must show significant effort to improve the quality of your writing. This may include (but is not limited to) the following:strengthening your argumentnarrowing the focus of your topicreconsidering your audience, purpose, or exigencewriting a more compelling introductionclarifying your thesistightening organizationusing credible sources or more fully integrating the sources you havewrapping up your paper with a satisfying conclusionciting and documenting sources correctly.*Simply correcting errors does not count as revision. Writing a new paper on a different topic also does not count as revision.Format: APA Style: one-inch margins, page numbers at the top right, title page, in-text citations, and a references page.To get a feel for revision, please review the sample student essay, below, from Week 6. This time, you can see both the student’s original draft and the revised final draft. Note how the student did more than correct format and grammatical errors. The entire approach to the argument was improved after the student considered feedback from his instructor and classmates


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