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After reading chapter 6 of the textbook ( Collier, D. A, & Evans, J. R. (2021). Operations and supply chain management (2nd ed.) and the case, “Bookmaster: Value Chain Design,” answer the following Case Questions for Discussion from chapter 6:Draw the “bricks and mortar” process stages of the value chain by which hard copy books are created, produced, distributed, and sold in retail stores. How does each player in the value chain make money?(Hint: You can use the exhibits in previous chapters, such as Exhibit 1.4, to help you identify major stages in the value chain. The value chain begins with suppliers.)Draw the process stages for creating and downloading an e-book today. How does each player in this new electronic/digital value chain make money?Compare and contrast value chain design and structure in the previous two questions from customer and management viewpoints. What are the advantages and disadvantages to each value chain design?What is the role of operations in each of these value chain designs and structures?Your answer should be at least 75 words per question, in MS Word format. For questions requiring drawing, use the Shapes command in MS Word.
To what extent do any of these theories explain the formation of the United States?
Does the availability of used appliances pose risk to the project?
Do you believe that the “BSN as entry level” proposal advocates the advancement of the nursing profession? Is grandfathering conducive to meeting this goal?
Write an essay that describes the roles of women in the Chinese, Middle Eastern and European cultures during various eras, evaluating how these roles changed within their respective cultures.
State why it is an important issue, for example, who is affected, the magnitude of the issue, policy implications, prevention strategies, the effect of COVID-19 on this issue, etc.
Write a paper about cancer you select a cancer type and country to compare cancer prevention strategies, risk factors , cancer incidence, & mortality rates ect.
Discuss how the mean, median, and mode all represent averages in this context.
Write a paper and examine the claim that true prophets had nothing to do with the cult.
Explain why opioids is killing more African Americas than white Americans.
Write an essay on “One flew over the cuckoos nest” by Ken Kesey.


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