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Assignment Definition:In Comparison/Contrast essays, writers highlight similarities and differences to support theirarguments. For this assignment, compare and contrast competing viewpoints on a current issueof debate in the social, political, or environmental movement you selected for the Cause andEffect paper. Describe the various perspectives on the subject and discuss what prevents peoplefrom being able to agree on this issue. Finally, explain your position on this debate.To develop a convincing argument, reference at least four sources from the RVC library/librarywebsite. No other sources will be accepted. Incorporate a balance of paraphrases and quotationsthroughout the paper.Your audience consists of people who are interested in the current debate but do not have a well-informed opinion. Your purpose is to educate readers and empower them to become moreinvolved in the debate.Parameters:The Comparison/Contrast Essay should be at least five pages long using 12-point Times NewRoman font, double spaced, have one-inch margins, and follow MLA style. Include a WorksCited page as well. The Works Cited page is not included in the length requirement.


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