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Write an essay that addresses the following prompt. Your paper should have an introduction,conclusion, and a clear thesis statement. All paraphrased passages and quoted material should be cited using the following format: (author, page number). This paper should primarily engage with course readings (attached).
Prompt: Explain and defend a policy that should govern the allocation of liver donations. In defending your policy, consider whether/how the following factors should be taken into consideration: age of the recipient, the recipient’s history of alcohol consumption,recipient payment, and the recipient’s contribution to social values (this list is not necessarily exhaustive; use your particular position to determine how much space should be allocated to each factor). Having developed and defended this policy in detail, considerwhether a family member is permitted to designate an organ donation to another family member. Is this practice defensible?Explain why/why not and how it can be reconciled with the more general allocation scheme defended.


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