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the topic of my essay is Miranda Rights. here is the promptMiranda Warningsa. Hypo: A student was going to class during school when the on campusSchool Resource Officer, standing in his office doorway, said “Hey you,you need to get over here right now” to the student. The student goesover to the office and the officer says “sit down in the chair. I’ve gottenseveral reports about a student fitting your description distributing drugsduring school.” The student, mortified, claims he is innocent and theofficer has just gotten the wrong person. The officer insists the reports fitthe student’s description and he needs to ask further questions. Withoutgiving Miranda warnings, the officer proceeds to ask the studentquestions for the next thirty minutes until the student admits he had beendistributing drugs in school. The student is now facing charges for drugdistribution and wants to challenge the confession as evidence becausethe officer failed to administer Miranda warnings.b. Argue on behalf of the student by analyzing the totality of thecircumstances surrounding the admission of guilt. Define the student’srights to Miranda warnings, weigh factors, assess a totality of thecircumstances test.


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