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Clothing and Dress Recollectionsfor Self and Others1. What is your earliest recollection of your own clothing? Do you remember aspecific item of clothing, or a general awareness of clothing? Was there aspecific activity or event associated with your earliest clothing recollection?Please describe the item and what you remember about it, including activitiesand events. Include your age in the description.
2. What is your earliest recollection of someone else’s clothing? How old wereyou? Whose clothing was it? Describe the clothing, the circumstances andenvironment, and why the clothing was particularly memorable to you.
3. Describe a situation in which you have felt very confident and pleased about yourdress/appearance. What was the situation? What were you wearing? How wereyou adorned? Why were the impression and memory positive?
4. Describe a situation in which you felt “out of place” or uncomfortable because ofyour dress. How did others react? What did you think they thought? What didyou think?
5. Is there anyone in public or private life that you admire and try to emulate, orsomeone who influences you in some way? If so, who and why? What is the roleof dress in your perceptions and emulation goals?
6. Whose opinion(s) do you value most in the selection or evaluation of your dress?Why?
7. What is your comfort level with cultural norms for dress and what aspects of yourdress are limited (or not) to cultural norms?(In other words, are you offered security by conformity; do you tend to expressindividuality? Do you wish that you could break free of cultural expectations?How/Why? Describe…)
8. Reflect upon the connection between fashion and culture and your own ‘selfpresentation’?
NOTE: Questions 1 – 6 are adapted from: Rosencranz, M.L. (1972). Clothing concepts:A social-psychological approach. New York: Macmillan Publishing Co.


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