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●Describe a situation in your nursing careerwhere you utilized lower levels of learning (formal education or professionalnursing practice).●Describe a situation in your nursing careerwhere you utilized higher levels of learning (formal education or professionalnursing practice).●Can you think of a course or learningexperience where Bloom’s taxonomy framework was utilized in your undergraduatestudies?●As a nurse educator, give an example of howyou could use Bloom’s taxonomy?●Do you think Bloom’s taxonomy should be usedto develop program outcomes? Why or why not?●Construct 2 program outcomes for any of thenine essentials.663248an hour agoThe Essentials of BaccalaureateEducation for Professional Nursing Practice (2008)This Essentials document serves to transform baccalaureatenursing education by providing the curricular elements and framework forbuilding the baccalaureate nursing curriculum for the 21st century. These Essentials address the key stakeholders’recommendations and landmark documents such as the IOM’s recommendations forthe core knowledge required of all healthcare professionals. This documentemphasizes such concepts as patient­centered care, interprofessional teams,evidence­based practice, quality improvement, patient safety, informatics,clinical reasoning/critical thinking, genetics and genomics, culturalsensitivity, professionalism, and practice across the lifespan in an ever­changingand complex healthcare environmentEssentials I­IXdelineate the outcomes expected of graduates of baccalaureate nursing programs.Achievement of these outcomes will enable graduates to practice within complexhealthcare systems and assume the roles: provider of care;designer/manager/coordinator of care; and member of a profession. Essential IXdescribes generalist nursing practice at the completion of baccalaureatenursing education. This Essential includes practice­focused outcomes thatintegrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes delineated in Essentials I –VIII. The time needed to accomplish each Essential will vary, and eachEssential does not require a separate course for the achievement of theoutcomes.The nine Essentials are:Essential I: LiberalEducation for Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice
A solid base inliberal education provides the cornerstone for the practice and educationof nurses.
Essential II: BasicOrganizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Care and Patient Safety
Knowledge and skillsin leadership, quality improvement, and patient safety are necessary toprovide high quality health care.
Essential III: Scholarshipfor Evidence Based Practice
Professional nursingpractice is grounded in the translation of current evidence into one’spractice.
Essential IV: InformationManagement and Application of Patient Care Technology
Knowledge and skillsin information management and patient care technology are critical in thedelivery of quality patient care.
Essential V: Health CarePolicy, Finance, and Regulatory Environments
Healthcare policies,including financial and regulatory, directly and indirectly influence thenature and functioning of the healthcare system and thereby are importantconsiderations in professional nursing practice.
Essential VI:Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration for Improving PatientHealth Outcomes
Communication andcollaboration among healthcare professionals are critical to deliveringhigh quality and safe patient care.
Essential VII: ClinicalPrevention and Population Health
Health promotion anddisease prevention at the individual and population level are necessaryto improve population health and are important components ofbaccalaureate generalist nursing practice.
Essential VIII:Professionalism and Professional Values
Professionalism andthe inherent values of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, andsocial justice are fundamental to the discipline of nursing.
Essential IX:Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice
The baccalaureate­graduatenurse is prepared to practice with patients, including individuals,families, groups, communities, and populations across the lifespan andacross the continuum of healthcare environments.The baccalaureategraduate understands and respects the variations of care, the increasedcomplexity, and the increased use of healthcare resources inherent incaring for patients.


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