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This assignment has three questions and you are required to answer ONE of them.
Each answer should be approximately 1000 to 1200 words in length (minimum). All sources must be cited using a standard method (e.g., APA, Chicago, etc.). Graphs, tables, and maps can be used to help explain your answer. For each question you are expected to use AT LEAST THREE more sources of information in addition to the text.
Questions: (Select ONE for your submission)Canada’s physical geography is essential to an understanding of the regional character of the nation. Using TWO geographic regions as your examples, explain the importance of the natural and physical environments and how they influence a region’s “character”.The Indigenous minority is the most complex and troubling faultline we have in Canada. Indigenous peoples are a very diverse component of Canada’s population and their relationships with the Canadian government can be very different from region to region. Identify how this faultline began, the major events/policies that helped create the faultline, and speculate on where it is going in the near future (next two decades). Use some regional examples to explain.Canada’s population growth is related to both natural increase and immigration. This growth is affecting the Nation’s age structure, ethnic patterns, age-dependency ratios, tax-burdens, etc. Describe and explain the changes to Canada’s population since the 1950s and discuss the major changes expected over the next three or four decades. Speculate on what will Canada’s Human Face look like in that 30 to 40 year future?


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