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Topic 5: “Describe” the Ch10 times interest earned ratio. Explain the factors used in the formula, how the ratio assists the investor in evaluating a company’s performance, and whether it assesses liquidity, solvency, or profitability. Using the numbers in the recent Income Statement (Statement of Operations) of a U.S. public corporation (state page number from the Form 10-K Annual Report), show your calculation and “analyze” the times interest earned ratio for a public corporation and its competitor. Describe if the company is doing well in comparison to its competitor’s ratio results.Students shall not plagiarize, which is defined as stealing or passing off as one’s own ideas or words of another and as using a creative production without crediting the source. The following cases are examples of what constitutes plagiarism:paraphrasing published material without acknowledging the source.making significant use of an idea or a particular arrangement of ideas, e.g., outlines.writing a paper after consulting with persons who provide suitable ideas and incorporating these ideas into the paper without acknowledging the debt.submitting under one’s own name, term papers or other reports which have been prepared by others.


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