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Part 1Describe the interactions between business and government in Canada
Part 2the responsemy classmate (Keeppostings to100 words.)
Hey everyone,Reading through the content this week, I immediately started thinkingabout the housing market and the role of the government vs the market toprovide housing. Currently, our system very much relies on the market but aswe’ve seen in many cities in Canada, there is more demand than supply. This hasmeant that purchase and rental prices have gone up significantly compared toincreases in wages and housing is becoming more unaffordable for a largerproportion of the population. Some of the current housing supply, especially inthe lower-end rental market, is not very good quality and does not adequatelymeet the needs of people.I was looking at the slide that described the basic services thatgovernments typically provide to citizens like emergency services, sewage andsanitation, education, etc. If housing is a basic need, do you think thegovernment needs to take more control to meet the needs of the Canadianpopulation or do you think the market is best suited to providing the supplyneeded? Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts!


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