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TopicChoose 3 – 4 artworks from the National Gallery of Art collection ( Describe the subject matter and use all stylistic terms that apply. If you choose three very different artworks, you will get more practice using the different terms. Be sure to begin each description with the artist’s name, title, medium (what is it made of), and year. Take your time to explain what you see and explain why the terms you’re using apply, citing specific examples from the artwork.GradingThis paper will be graded on content, not length. That being said, each writing assignment will be 300 words (this is about one page in Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced), and this minimum word count must be met to earn full points.This is not a research paper, so you do not need to use any sources outside the course materials. This should be your own work, based on your own observations and your understanding of the material and vocabulary in the module. Do not plagiarize (see the syllabus for more information on this). You can view the rubric for this assignment by clicking on the link.AttachmentsCollection Highlights
Explain and evaluate compliance with current laws and regulations related to safety and fairness in the workplace.
What were your results and were your surprised by them ?
Do you agree with the Constructionists or the Positivists?
Discuss the importance of different communication styles, methods, and approaches.
Compare and contrast Hoover and Roosevelt’s response to the crisis.
Discuss the strengths of both the short- and long-term recovery plans implemented to protect the interest of all areas affected by the disaster.
Identify 3 key concepts, or passages from the readings.
What has the courts decided on the constitutional rights to privacy violated by the FISA system?
What are likely to be your greatest challenges in exploring your own racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, ableism, and ageism?
Identify 10 municipal/local, state, or federal government grant programs.


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