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Take some time to review the website about one of the primary ethical studies in psychology – the Zimbardo prison experiment [not mentioned in the book, but a classic study in the violation of current ethics requirements in psychology]. This is an in-depth overview of the study so schedule sufficient time to review the material before attempting to write about it. For this paper you may use 1st person. The site’s domain is www.prisonexp.orga. Describe your general reactions to this study regarding ethical considerations in research based on these experiments (what can we learn from these studies?). Refer to specific instances in your paper.b. What important findings resulted from this study? (Hint: there were very important findings!)c. The participants’ experiences from the study were so extreme (and important to know) that the study was ended earlier than planned. The fact that these events occurred tells us much about human behavior that we need to be aware of. In light of the importance of these findings, would you approve the study today if asked? Why or why not? (Make sure to answer both parts)Grading RubricPoints PossibleInstructor Comments/Points EarnedThe paper is three to seven pages in length (This excludes cover and reference pages) 5The paper adequately demonstrates an understanding of the ethical content of the textbook as a means to explore the Stanford Prison Experiment. 45The paper provides informed answers to the required questions. (See required components in assignment directions.) 35The paper meets all APA requirements.5The paper is supported by three academic references. 10Total Possible Points 100


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