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Your answers to these questions should be delivered in a clearly-written, well-organized, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 4-page paper. Below are some guidelines to help you organize your thinking (and your writing).
Guidelinesi. The topic asks you to find an expression of human nature and then do two things – analyze it and evaluate it. How do we do these things?Analysis:Analysis of a claim about human nature can include any of the following (and more):• Discussion/Explanation of the meanings of the terms.• Discussion/Explanation of the context or contexts in which the claim is being put forward.• Discussion/Explanation of how the claim relates to (i.e., is similar to or different from) other claims or ideas from theories we have studied.Evaluation:Evaluation of a claim or view can take any of the following forms:• Discussion of internal coherence/consistency• Discussion of conflict (or not) with ordinary thinking or experience• Discussion of conflict (or not) with established scientific/religious knowledge.• Discussion of unintended consequences (harms, omissions, etc.).• Discussion of evidence for or against the view.ii. Thesis Statementa. Since the final outcome of your paper is to evaluate the view, this must be reflected in your thesis statement. Here is an example of what a thesis statement might look like: “In this paper, I will argue that the view of human nature found in Twilight, while it may make for fun reading, is wildly implausible as an account of how human beings are.”i. The main point of this statement is that it tells the reader exactly what stance this paper is going to take. That’s what your thesis must do.iii. Opening Paragrapha. Your Positive goals in the opening paragraph are the following:i. Goal 1: Say a little (but just a little) about (a) what source you are getting your view of human nature from and (b) what the view is.ii. Goal 2: Tell the reader a little (just a little) about what you’re going to do in the paper to explain/analyze the view.iii. Goal 3: Tell the reader what your thesis is.b. These goals do not have to be addressed in this order.c. Your Negative goals in the opening paragraph are the following:i. Goal 1: Do not say anything false.ii. Goal 2: Do not tell the reader details about your personal experience with the media you are using.iii. Goal 3: Do not share your feelings about anything.iv. The Rest of the Papera. There’s no one way to right a paper. The people who told you that were lying to you. Here are my observations on what tends to make for good papers.b. Have a plan. Papers that have a plan usually turn out to be papers where the plan is clear. That makes the paper easier to read and the ideas easier to follow.c. Figure out what you want to say, and then say it. If you’re writing a sentence and you feel like it’s not saying what you want it to say, then it’s not saying what you want it to say. Delete it. Start over. Repeat until you’ve got it.d. Don’t lose sight of the overall goal of the paper. Stay focused.e. Sell it. This paper is about you starting from some claim about human nature that you chose. (I’m not choosing it). Make it worth your reader’s time to find out what you have to say about that claim or idea.v. A final note on approaching the source material (your movie/song/poem/novel etc.).a. It is unlikely (though not impossible) that you will find a perfectly packaged ‘Theory of Human Nature’ lurking in some song lyrics or whatever. That’s fine. You do not need to address all four aspects of a Theory of Human Nature as we have done. Still, I do expect you to identify just where your claim/view/idea falls within that framework. For example, is the claim that you are discussing a diagnosis of the human condition? Is it a prescription? Is it a metaphysical claim that relates to human nature? Is it a description of the human condition?


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