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It is critical to today’s manager to be able to assess elements that enable improvement of organizational effectiveness through growth. This assignment requires you to identify any gaps in resources, processes or culture and to develop an assessment of how the organization’s current mission and values statements are integrated and adaptable to changing environmental conditions, as well as its specific goals and objectives for monitoring improvements. After evaluating how growth-related changes impact mission and values, you are required to describe the implementation of these improvements through the principles of planning, organization, and control within a Christian worldview context.
This is a multi-part assignment where each part has a separate deadline throughout the term. Refer to the Assignment List for specific dates.
Business/Organization Selection ForumPart 1 – Mission and Vision AssessmentPart 2 – Business AnalysisIn this assignment, you will be working on a multi-part project throughout the term. In Part 1, you will assess how the organization’s currently stated or implied mission and vision statements relate to the business environment and management style, and the organization’s ability to adjust for future success. In Part 2, you will create a SWOT Analysis of the organization. Using the results of the SWOT Analysis, recommend revised mission/vision statements, objectives and strategies for improvement that are aligned with current and projected business realities.
Instructions Part 1 | Part 2Assess how the organization’s currently stated or implied mission and vision statements relate to the business environment and management style and the organization’s ability to adjust for future success. For example, identify and describe how varied personality preferences are integrated into organizational structure and decision making.Discuss how could the organization establish or improve its process for modifying and adapting the mission and vision statements through its development.Evaluate how the company or organization’s mission and vision statements currently relate to your personal worldview and a Christian perspective.Describe how managerial skill sets and management styles are required for different stages of an organization and which would be most appropriate the organization in focus.Resources
Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow (opens in new window)Note: This assignment will be checked for plagiarism. Always review the University’s Academic Integrity Policy statement regarding plagiarism.
RequirementsCitation Requirements: minimum of 3 authoritative resourcesWord Count: 450-600APA FormattingPlagiarism Submission


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