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Discuss how to demonstrate understanding of how to support an argument/claim.To demonstrate how to use sources in meaningful waysTo demonstrate what it means to think critically?TaskUsing the annotation document example below, find at least 6 sources you may use in your case study essay 4. Follow the instructions outlined in the video. You can create your document in Word or Goggle but you must submit the document as a Word document, not Google doc because Blackboard can read Google docs.Case Study Options:Review the following case studies from the text book and select one for your analysis and argument Essay #4. REMEMBER, YOU ARE NOT ARGUING ABOUT THE GENERAL TOPIC BUT THE “TASK” IDENTIFIED IN EACH CASE STUDY. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK, FEEL, BELIEVE ABOUT THE TOPIC, JUST WHAT EVIDENCE YOU PRESENT AS IT RELATES TO THE CASE ITSELF.Violence and Video Games – page 167Student Health Care – page 173Privacy and the Internet – page 179Student Loan Dept – page 207Campus Speech Codes – page 199Format GuidelinesSubmit your final draft as a .doc or .docx file. REMEMBER, all Triton students can download Microsoft Office for free. Reminder, for final draft essay assignments, I need the documents as Word files, not PDF or other format.Use traditional MLA essay structure (use the MLA essay template in Microsoft Word). Use the default settings on your word processing program (“normal” margins,12-point font, Calibri or Times New Roman). Double-space your essay and include page numbers and headers. (see sample MLA information or review the following).Cite all your resources from the readings.Submitted the annotated bibliograph as a .doc or .docx file.Save/name your assignment as LastName#4 to expedite grading.
Submission GuidelinesSubmit your final essay draft document to this drop box by clicking the link above.Be sure to select the check box for the Plagiarism Tools.


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