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Discussion (Module 1)Review the current justice articles on CNN’s website: Which layers of the criminal justice wedding cake are represented in these headlines?? Discuss the difference between the severity of each of these cases and why they received national attention as opposed to other crimes in your community that are not in the national news.1) Your response should be in depth to fully develop your answer. Defend your position with concrete examples from the textbook and real-life cases, if applicable. See the samples provided2) Please post 2 posts per week. 1 post is your initial post (response) plus one post to a fellow classmate. It is vital to follow the samples, go in depth and cite or points are lost. Do not post 1 sentence.Please review the APA style ( citing and referencing and formatting-Go outside the book as well and use Journal Articles that have been peer reviewed/scholarly articles-APA formatting (12 pt font, Times new roman)-Proper spelling and grammar– do not use Wikipedia-Be positive


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