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In 9 -10 pages (not counting your appendix) write ananalysis of the movie using the methods developed in this course. This papershould treat the narrative and the formal elements employed to convey thenarrative.1.Includea complete segmentation (Bordwell p. 102 gives a segmentation of Citizen Kane) as the first page in yourappendix. Making the segmentation helps focus on the narrative as a whole.2.Considerfilm techniques of color, mis-en-scène (props, interiors, costumes), lighting, framing,composition of shot, camera movement, cutting, transitions, matches.3.Focusin your writing on three or four techniques that support your thesis. Describein detail how these techniques are employed in a few significant sequences.4.Discusshow the filmmakers employed the techniques you select. What patterns ofrepetition are there? Consider variation and parallel usage of technique.5.Explainwhat narrative functions these patterns serve. Do they have an effect on the audience’sperception and emotional experience?
·If you wish, you may include JPG’s of stills towhich you refer as an appendix. Be sure to number the stills for crossreference·The ordinary standards of plagiarism apply.Collaboration should be limited to the idea stage of your planning and to theprocess of peer review.·Use either MLA or APA style sheet for the bodyof your analysis.
Rubric:Thewriter presents a relevant thesis clearly. The evidence presented is bothrelevant and sufficient to support the main and subordinate points. Betterpapers will fairly consider possible counter arguments. The writer treats thenarrative structure with clear relevance to her central argument, and refrainsfrom plot summary. The style of the presentation is appropriately formal and ofa consistent register. There are few if any mechanical, usage or spelling errors.


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