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Please answser the following questions:1.) In chapter 4, Johnston addresses the ways in which we “see” ourselves and touches on the topic of managing our behavior. The idea of self-control assumes that we can control our own behavior from an internal source. In contrast, radical behaviorism views self-control as, “engaging in the same behavior we have learned to use in influencing the behavior of others”. (Johnston, 2014, p. 93) Behavior is not controlled by our inner self but by a reinforcement history.Do you feel that mood affects self-control? If an individual is tired, stressed, overwhelmed, etc. it can impact their behavior. I wonder how radical behaviorism accounts for these factors.2.) In chapter 2, Chiesa discusses ordinary language in relation to science. In particular, the concept of mind in language is addressed. Making statements such as, “I have a mental block” as opposed to “I cannot remember”, implies that these decisions are made by a non-physical, internal thing.If you consider a definition for remember as being able to bring to one’s mind an awareness, how is the translation of using the word “remember” instead of “mental” more acceptable from a radical behaviorism perspective?3.) In Bijou’s article, we read about the highlights of a developmental psychologists experiences in regards to behavior. As I read the article, in particular the part about parent training, I began to wonder what a radical behaviorists view on mood altering medications and changes to behavior. I am thinking of students who take ADHD medications and how drastically their behavior can differ on days which they are not medicated.4.) In Bijou (1996) talked about some of the early events related to behavior analysis of child development. I was intrigued by the parent training in the home. In the reading, it discussed the training of a parent to serve as a therapist for her child in their home with hopes of creating a long-term change in behavior.Do you think its beneficial for parents to be trained as therapist to help with their child’s behavior?5.) In Salzinger (2008) the reading referred to Skinner’s Verbal Behavior book as being difficult to understand.Why was this book difficult to understand?6.) In the reading, Johnston (2014) he discusses self-control and the idea of self-control is that we can control our own behavior internally. Radical behaviorism perspective on self-control is “engaging in the same behavior we have learned to use in influencing the behavior of others” (Johnston, 2014, p. 93).Do you believe that a person’s behavior is governed only by internal or external forces over which we have no control? Or both?


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