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1. Title Page Must be in APA Style: Abstract 100 words maximum. Summary of research proposal.3. Introduction: Introduction and Significance of TopicWhat do you want to study?What is the purpose of the study?Why is your study relevant to the field of criminal justice, sociology, psychology or law & government?4. Literature Review (at least 5 journal articles)What research has been done in the past on the same topic as yours?Are previous findings consistent or do past studies disagree?Are there flaws/holes in the existing research that you can fill with your proposed research?What will be your contribution to the existing literature by conducting your study?5. Relevant TheoriesWhich theories does this topic relate to? Use your notes & textbook from: CRJ307 Criminology; PSY308Personality Theory, POL436 Political Theory, SOC404 Sociology Theory6. Research Question & HypothesisWhat specific questions will your research try to answer?What type of relationship do you expect to find? A positive/negative relationship between variables?Clearly state your hypotheses (H1; H2; H3; etc….) What is the null hypothesis?7. Subjects/Area for StudyWhom or what will you study to collect data?Whom/what is your population/study area?If a sampling design, how will you select a sample? Is it probability or non-probability? How will youensure that your participants are not harmed by the research? Any ethical concerns?8. Variables and MeasurementWhat are your independent, dependent, and control variables?Identify their levels of measurement.How will you define, operationalize, and measure them? Both conceptual and operational definitionsshould be included.If you have developed a measurement device, such as a questionnaire, or are using somethingdeveloped by others, you should include a copy in an appendix to your proposal.9. Data Collection MethodsHow will you collect the data for your study?What is your research design?o Experimental or quasi-experimental o Survey/ questionnaire/ interviewso Field research / direct observation o Secondary data / agency records analysiso Content analysis o Evaluation researchWhat are the strengths and weakness of your research design and data collection methods?Identify potential threats to validity/reliability? How will you attempt to limit their influence?10. Real-World Contribution of ResearchHow will your proposed research contribute to the understanding of criminal justice, sociology,psychology or law & government?What are the policy implications of your research?11. References Must be in APA Style: Must cite 5+ journal articles related to criminal justice, sociology, psychology or law & government.
Page 1. Introduction and Significance of Topic• [Insert text here]Page 2. Literature Review1. 3. Relevant Theories• [Insert text here]Page 4 Research Question(s) & Hypothesis• [Insert text here]Page 5 Subjects/Area for Study• [Insert text here]Page 6 Variables and Measurement• [Insert text here]Page 7 Data Collection Methods• [Insert text here]Page 8 Real-World Contribution of Research• [Insert text here]


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