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The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to how psychological research is actuallyconducted and published in scientific journals.For this assignment, you will need to read the Abassi (2019) journal article which I haveuploaded on Blackboard. Next, you will need to write a summary review that answers thequestions below. In doing so, it is advisable and prudent to consult and refresh your knowledgeon research methodology. The following points should be answered:1. What was the purpose of the study?2. What was the specific theory being tested?3. What research method did the study employ?4. Identify the independent and dependent variables. How were they measured?5. Explain and comment on the correlations in the correlation matrix (Table 1)6. Briefly summarize the results and conclusions of the study.7. Can you think of any study limitation(s)?8. If you were to conduct another study based off of this study, what questions would youask and what would you still want to find out?Please format your paper according to the above questions. That is, create sections in your paper,each of whom answer the above questions. You should write as much as is needed to answer thequestion, but your paper should be no more than 3 double-spaced pages in length. Papers aredue by midnight December 12th on Blackboard. Late submissions will be penalized.Furthermore, this assignment can be conducted in a team of up to 4 students. In such a case,please clearly indicate the names of all the team members on the paper. Be aware that all teammembers will receive the same assignment grade. Only one student from each team needs tosubmit the paper on Blackboard.Finally, when reading the article, it is fine if you do not understand all of the statistics reported,just concentrate on things that we have talked about in class (e.g., correlations). I chose thisarticle because I feel confident that you can follow and understand it. Plus, I feel the topic wouldbe of interest to many.R


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