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These questions pertain to the reading: Hussain, I., Shu, R., Tangirala, S. and Ekkirala, S., 2019. The voice bystander effect: How information redundancy inhibits employee voice. Academy of Management Journal, 62(3), pp.828-849.What is Hussain et al.’s research question? (hint: the research question often reframes content provided in the abstract or the title, posing it as a question)How do the authors make the case that the question addresses something about group behavior that is perplexing and unresolved (i.e., a research puzzle)?On p. 829, the authors write that they are building on theories of “the bystander effect” and “the volunteer’s dilemma,” implying that these theories are at least somewhat distinct. Good research will give you, the reader, clear definitions of the bystander effect and the volunteer’s dilemma so you can appreciate how both ideas are essential to the approach of the study and its contributions to knowledge.Based on what you find on p. 829 of the article, what is “the volunteer’s dilemma”?How is it different from the bystander effect?Explain how confident are you that your understanding of the volunteer’s dilemma is correct?These authors also believe that for groups of non-strangers (like co-workers), the question of whether anyone steps forward to speak or act on a problem tends to be more complicated than when people in a group of strangers must decide whether or not to act.How do the authors describe these complications?Do you see, from these descriptions, evidence of a sociological imagination at work? Explain.


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