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Explain how the Canadian society and economy been affected by treating this segment of society as indicated on the TRC report? Moving forward, as the issues begin to be addressed, how do you believe the Canadian society and economy will respond. Students are asked to use the economic theory/knowledge that they acquired during our course to write their essay.What you need to include in your essay:1. Background info about the TRC reporti.e. when, where, who was affected and to what extent…, etc.2. Description of the current state of the Canadian economy and how it has beenaffected by restricting/excluding the segment of the Canadiansociety discussed in the report.3. How well do you expect the Canadian economy to perform in the future as Canadians address the issues presented in the report? Use the economic theory/knowledge that you acquired during our course to present your thoughts/suggestions.4. You are required to include and describe graph(s)*, similar to those used/seen in thecourse content.5. You are required to use the graph(s)* to explain the initial situation of the CanadianEconomy.6. You are also required to predict, using graph(s)* how the Canadian economy will beaffected as TRC issues are addressed by Canadians.How to proceed:1. Search for information online. You do not need to use Academic sources.2. Take notes3.Use your notes to [write your essay] describe the content of the documents while integrating some of your economics knowledge4. You MUST include a diagram(s)/graph(s)in your term paper. Select the appropriate graphs/diagrams.4. The graph(s)* you use are theoretical graphs that are constructed without real data.5. The graph(s)* can simply be drawn on paper. You can take a picture and insert where neededin your essay


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