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It is worth 30% of your final grade.It is a detailed digital marketing proposal for your assigned business. You will develop and then create a plan to deliver two digital marketing solutions to help your assigned business meet its goals.So you will be submitting two documents and one is a 15 pages pdf file and the other document file for the solution to the plan is attached.You will include, using the provided template:How your two digital marketing solutions will benefit your assigned business.How the business will measure successExplain how you recommend each digital marketing solution should be implemented by your business.Proper citing and referencing in APA formatYour deliverable is a 15-page maximum written component, submitted in PDF format.Note: You are to ensure that all deliverables are targeted at your assigned business, and are in easily understood language and terms that the business owner would understand.Marks will be allocated as follows:20% for professionalism and creativity of your submissions (5 marks)40% for identifying two different relevant beneficial creative online digital marketing solutions (10 marks)40% for implementation plans around each of your two online digital marketing solutions proposed (10 marks) (soon to be or website


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