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Based on his “Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals”, reconstruct, in broad strokes, Kant’s theory of moral action. In the process, provide your own example applying the decision-making process Kant describes to determine what the morally correct action might be in a given situation. Finally, based on his discussion in “I and Thou” and “Elements of the Interhuman”, how might Buber respond to Kant’s general approach to morality? (A strong submission will outline Buber’s general stance and substantiate it with a discussion of at least two unique points – one of comparison, one of contrast between the two thinkers’ views.)
answer every part of it as directly, thoroughly, and precisely as possible, explaining key ideas in your own words and citing evidence from the course’s assigned text
Relevance: Did you properly and fully address the prompt questions as they were asked?Completeness/thoroughness: Did you answer every part of the question, explaining in your own words all the important key points of the content along the way?Evidence (textual) provided: Did you make a solid case for your interpretation of the text by citing evidence in support of your specific claims about the author’s ideas?Clarity/Precision of Expression: Did you write clearly, make your thoughts as transparent as possible to the reader, and choose words that aptly described what you meant to say? Did you include the material that is necessary in order to directly and completely respond to the question, avoiding confusing the reader with tangential thoughts?Proper scholarship (citation format): Did you choose a coherent citation style and consistently stick to it? Did you cite readings that were assigned for the class?
-Answer the question as if you were answering someone who asked you in person (i.e., give a relevant, direct, complete answer; this does not mean that you should speak imprecisely or too informally).– Explain key ideas in your own words, giving the reader the impression that you understand what you’re saying, but whenever attributing a claim to an author, cite (and in the few cases you directly quote, make sure to explain the quote).– Don’t bother with flowery/drawn-out introductions or conclusion paragraphs; if you write these paragraphs at all, make them a very brief and to-the-point summary of the points you will make (or have made). In such a short submission, it’s likely better to skip them entirely and jump right into answering the question.– Expect to include citations [but not necessarily direct quotes] often. Your citations are there to provide evidence that your claims about an author’s ideas are based in specific passages of the text, and to give your reader an easy way to understand how your claims constitute a direct interpretation of that text.– You may cite the lectures, but your main source of evidence for your claims should be the text.– This is an exercise in textual interpretation, not an encyclopedic summary of a thinker’s ideas. You should give only what background information is necessary to clarify your response to the prompt question, as it becomes relevant to the points you’re making.


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