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Explain why early modern science and philosophy represent a radical break with ancient philosophy.These are formal academic papers that develop a specific thesis in a main argument section, consider an objection to that thesis and defend the paper’s thesis against that objection. The instructor provides specific instructions for each assignment at least a week before the assignment is due.
You must show familiarity with the assigned reading.2 focuses on clarifies or summarizes discussion3 shows understanding of key concepts and applies them appropriatelyStimulates further discussionFollows the rules of grammar and spelling
: paper must includes a clear statement of purpose ( thesis) in paragraph one or soon thereafter
: paper main argument built on the strongest arguments found in assigned readings.
: objection to the paper thesis builds on the strongest arguments found in the assigned readings and responds to the specific claims made in the main argument section
: major claims about arguments found in the assigned readings are supported by a properly documented quotation or paraphrase.
Students will develop the ability to write a well argued essay by consistently writing papers on the diverse course readings, which in turn, will aid the students ability to do basic secondary research in philosophy. As a result students will develop the ability to think seriously through alternative philosophical perspectives
You are expected to abide by the honor code at all times, you must avoid using any language that is not your own, and represent it as your own, because that is an automatic plagiarizing, and the assignment will result in a zero. This warning includes using language from the text without proper citation.
Paper 1 TopicEarly modern science and philosophy represent a radical break with ancient (or premodern) philosophy. Early modern thinkers argue that there needs to be a new method to truth, usually one based on skepticism, simplicity, or experiment. In your paper and based on the readings, explain how early modern thought breaks with pre modern philosophies and develops a new method to achieve more scientific truths. Finally, examine whether modern (scientific) methods/philosophies have been positive or negative on average. Defend your conclusion. Below are some topics that you may want to address in your paper:1. How Descartes’ focus on radical skepticism and simplicity leads him to reject external truths and experiences that Plato, Aristotle, and other premoderns would assume to be the starting point or foundation for knowledge.2. How Francis Bacon develops an experimental method that focuses on the discovery of new knowledge. His method rather than supporting the metaphysical reflections and goals of past philosophies focuses on producing new knowledge and results.3. How modern philosophy/science is committed to the project of construction (i.e. Lachterman or Adorn/Horkheimer). Rather than focusing on the unique and pre-technical experiences of individuals (that many ancient philosophers seem interested in developing), modern philosophy and science seek to develop simple and absolute truths into a discursive system that translates every experience into precise and convertible data. That is, this kind of data can be converted into and exchanged with other data points so that individual unique experiences become in a way worthless and an illusion.Your paper should be 6 full pages with double-spaced, normal margins. (Your name on the paper is all that is required since you will be submitting it electronically.) You do not need a lengthy header since your name is associated with the submission link; do not include a lengthy header at the top of the first page. Please consult the syllabus for additional paper requirements and for the grading rubric for assigned papers in the course, especially what constitutes plagiarism. LATE PAPERS will not be accepted; papers are due Monday, October 11th by midnight. To submit the paper, go to the Course Content section of Blackboard and upload an appropriate file (.doc or .pdf) via TurnItIn Assignments Paper 1 link.Note: extensive use of secondary sources in your paper is discouraged and will result in a lower grade. Engagement and analysis of the primary texts (i.e. the pdfs provided for free by the course) is expected in the paper. Citing lengthy primary text quotes without thorough explanation does not constitute engagement with the text. Additionally, papers will be checked for plagiarism. It is your responsibility to make sure your paper is free of copied and improperly cited material. Citation of the primary text does not have to strictly follow the MLA or Chicago standards, since the readings were provided as free pdfs. For example, you can cite a passage with the (author, page number) format. Finally, there will be an Argumentation video posted in the Course Content section of the Blackboard, which explains how to construct an argument. Your paper should be written following its guidance; you should have a thesis which you propose and defend with logic/analysis in your paper.


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