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We all have value systems that influence who we are as individuals and as professionals. As Human Services Professionals, we are required to understand our values relative to why we think and feel the way that we feel about a wide array of topics. Understanding that this is an ethical mandate that we must follow, working with diverse clients and the issues that they present may involve sexual values that align with, or may differ from, our own. There are three types of value systems associated with human sexuality—absolutism, relativism, and hedonism.In a two-page paper, answer the following two questions:– Which value associated with human sexuality best identifies with your personal value system when thinking of human sexuality? Ensure that you critically explain why this value is identified as your ‘best value system’.– Which value associated with human sexuality would you least identify with as you think of your personal value system when thinking of human sexuality?– Explain why understanding ethics and values are important concepts for Human Services Professionals when working with any client experiencing an issue relative to any facet of sexuality.


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