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Each answer needs to be 3-4 sentences, with both in-text citiations, as well as a full citation UNDER EACH ANSWER.
Difference between Product and Service
1. Briefly discuss the three main levels of strategy within an organization.
2. Services can be intangible and un-storable. Describe both of these characteristics as they apply to services.
3. Explain how business strategy determines a company’s operations capabilities.
4. Briefly explain how customers defining quality is related to TQM.
5. Within the eight primary elements of TQM, fully describe “integrated system.”
6. Differentiate between the terms: continuous improvement and continual improvement.
7. Briefly explain what collaboration is and how tools like email, smartphones, computers, etc. do not automatically create collaboration.
8. How does location affect operations planning? Discuss both the customer service and manufacturing perspective.
9. Briefly describe the four general kinds of organizational schedules.
10. What is the difference between lean production systems and Just-in-time production systems?
11. Differentiate between an “operational plan” and a “strategic plan.”
12. Explain the process of converting inputs into outputs. Provide a specific example of this process.
13. Discuss how managing inventory is vital to a company’s success.
14. Define and describe how ISO Standards can be used to support quality management systems.
15. Describe the top three continuous quality improvement programs: Kaizen, Six Sigma and Benchmarking.
Describe and discuss TCO in the context of cloud computing adoption for a company
Karl Marx argues that commodities have become “fetishized.” What does he mean by this?
Compare Matteo Ricci and Olaudah Equiano as cultural intermediaries in the age of early modern globalization.
Write a research paper on US History Essential Questions and Terms
Are the artists infringing on copyright? Is this ethical or unethical? Support your response.
What lies at the heart of Luther’s proclamation of the crucified Christ?
Write a paper in which you address the following based on the information provided in the “West Coast Transit Case Study” resource.
What are some of the major ways of understanding the work of Christ in the history of theology?
Analyze the epidemiological determinants and risk factors associated with the outbreak.
Discuss in details each platform tools for recovering from disasters / file loss, deletion, corruption and overwritten user files and folders.


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