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Overview: Your essay should have a main thesis (or central argument) that is clearly stated in the introductory paragraph. They should include concrete examples (brief discussions of people, events, organizations, etc.) from the lectures, student presentations, and books that support the essays’ major points. In general, chronological organization (in order of when events take place) is preferred for history essays. Finally, essays should address potential counterarguments and conclude with a summation of your main thesis. Each essay should be 400-700 words.
Sources:E. B. Sledge, With the Old BreedG. B. Tran, Vietnamerica
Topic:World War II is often depicted as a “good war” in American popular culture, while the Vietnam conflict is often depicted far more critically. To what extent is pop culture right that WWII was “good” and Vietnam was “bad”? To what extent is the opposite true? Consider the perspectives of the US government, American service personnel, US civilians, and the governments, soldiers, and civilians that we fought against (or among, in the case of civilians).
Consider including the following historical figures, events, laws, etc. where relevant to support your essays:“Brother Can You Spare a Dime”Civilian Conservation CorpsUpton SinclairDorothea LangeJohn CollierHoover DamBenny GoodmanEleanor RooseveltrepatriadosPopular FrontRosie the RiveterCaptain AmericaZoot Suit RiotsKorematsu v. U.S.HiroshimaPeleliuE. B. SledgeA. Philip RandolphWACSThe Second FrontThe HolocaustKilogirlsGrace HopperDaisy BatesBrown v. Board of EducationThe Black PanthersTruman DoctrineNATOJoseph McCarthyLevittownLucille BallMiles DavisBrown v. Board of EducationFannie Lou HamerCésar ChávezViet CongG. B. TranTet OffensiveSearch and DestroyWilliam CalleyWomen.comJerry FalwellPhyllis SchlaflyReaganomicsMikhail Gorbachev“Evil Empire”Battle in Seattle


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