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This major assignment is divided into Two sections and their directions are given accordingly.SECTION 1Short text questions 1 to 3 each carries 5 marks (total of 15 marks).Directions: State short answers for the questions below – a minimum of 10 sentences per question is required.what is social intelligence and list and 5 Ways to Improve Social Intelligence?Ans:How can nurturing the skills of mindfulness help us in our everyday lives?”Ans:Define goals and explain how a goal could be a SMART goal?SECTION 2Case studies carries up to 5 marks for each correct answer.Directions: Analyze and evaluate each case study – a minimum of ½ page per question is required.Answer to the questions based on your knowledge about positive psychology and wellbeing theory so far.1. Case 1 – Emily at WorkCase: Emily just moved to a new city to start her new job at an office downtown. On her first day in the office, she found it hard to connect with people and build relationships. After a few months of working there she finally made friends with her coworker Jane Doe, However, Emily found herself Trying hard to impress her new friend to the point of dismissing her own feeling and changing herself to be more like Jane.Is Emily’s and Jane’s relationship considered a positive relationship, and explain how can Emily build her social intelligence and build more authentic relationships?2. Case 2 – Finding PurposeCase: John Doe, a successful computer engineer, was starting to fall out of love with his job. He doesn’t know what he wants anymore and doesn’t know what his purpose is. All his life John was good at what he does, but lately he doesn’t know why he is alive anymore. His company was doing well, yet he felt like there was something missing, like the fire and passion that was once in him has been lost forever. Now he finds it hard to focus on his work, and always find himself daydreaming and getting distracted easily.How can he bring back to his life meaning once again?


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