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Effective communication is a very important part of successful change implementation in organizations. Some people rely more heavily on logic and facts when they are communicating, while others prefer emotions and feelings. Have you ever had someone speak to you in a completely logical way about something that was upsetting you? They gave you facts, figures, and data to prove why you shouldn’t feel the way you do, but their message was not very comforting, was it? Or maybe you have communicated with someone who is very emotional. There is no logic at all, only feelings, worries, hurt, or anger – also not an effective way to communicate. The goal for great communicators is to balance the two, giving just enough logical arguments to support their position, while also communicating empathy and understanding for the emotional aspects of the issue.How do you see your own communication style? How do you adapt to others that may not use the same communication style as you? To learn about your communication style click on the link to begin the “What’s Your Communication Style” quiz from Glassdoor: Quiz: that you know which of the 5 communication styles is your most dominant dig a little deeper by clicking on the link and reading about your communication style and about the other four communication styles., research your own communication style and select one of the other four communication styles you have the most trouble communicating with to research even deeper.Your assignment is: answer the following questions, include each numbered question before your response. Explain each question in detail, one sentence responses are not acceptable.Cite all sources in APA format (in-text citations and references). Avoid plagiarism, give credit where credit is due!Do you agree with the “What’s Your Communication Style” quiz results? Explain what your style is and why you do or do not agree with the results.Based on your research how does your communication style approach change?Based on your research which of the 5 communication styles do you have the least in common with? What steps can you take to ensure successful communication occurs?Explain how you adjust your style to meet the needs of all involved?Reflect, what area(s) within your communication style could you improve upon. Explain.


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