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Writing Activity 2 directions:Choose and respond to one of the three writing questions.How do you think cable television would have evolved if Ted Turner and Gerald Levin hadn’t provided their programming to cable systems?How might the Internet of today have been different if there had been no ARPANET, i.e., if the Internet had spawned from private sector entrepreneurship?As cable began to spread, there was discussion of “blue sky” services. Blue sky refers to products and services that don’t yet exist, and may not be practical. The most ambitious project was Qube, offered first by Warner-Amex’ system in Columbus, Ohio. Read the following websites: Qube Studios(Links to an external site.)and When Cable Went Qubist(Links to an external site.). Discuss your opinions about whether you think Qube was a good idea. If you were alive in those days, would this be something you would have been interested in? Why? In what ways do you see similarities to current media technologies in the Qube service?Information clearly relates to the main topic. It includes several supporting details and/or examples.All topics are addressed and all questions answered with at least two sentences about each.


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