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Identifying GoalsAs a BCaBA, you will likely not be the person determining all of the goals for your clients. However, having an understanding of how to interpret an assessment and how to determine age-appropriate goals is a skill that you should have and continue to improve on in your time as a BCaBA. Please read the following case scenario and describe at least two goals that you would set for this student and explain why you would set those goals.Note: It does not need to be the most important goals. If you see that many of your classmates are selecting similar goals, feel free to branch out and describe goals that would be important, but may not be the goals you would prioritize first. The goal of this discussion is to see how many different goals you and your peers can find in the case study as a group.ScenarioBrianna is a 4-year-old girl. She was recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She is able to vocalize and say very few recognizable words. Her family reports 5–10 recognizable words, while non-family members report 3–5 recognizable words. These words include highly preferred items, juice, doll, bubble, and fish (goldfish crackers). While Brianna is usually cooperative, she will engage in tantrum behavior consistently when asked to complete tasks. For example, take a nap, brush her teeth, sit at a table, et cetera. Brianna attends a preschool program 3 days a week for 5 hours a day. While at school, she engages in tantrum behavior when she is asked to complete any sort of task—academic, craft, et cetera. She is able to engage in parallel play with her peers, but will not engage if a peer initiates any interaction. She does not share toys. Brianna engages in some oral stereotypy, involving chewing on hair, clothes, or cloth toys while at school. In her home, she has one specific “lovey” (small blanket) that she will chew on. Brianna’s main strengths are her ability to sit and remain engaged in reading picture books. She loves to read and is able to receptively identify 50–100 pictures from a variety of books, including adjectives related to those objects. For example, “where is the red bird?” versus “where is the blue bird?” She can label 5–10 highly preferred items and is able to fill in words and imitate motor movements with her favorite songs.Response GuidelinesRead the posts of your peers and respond to two. Your response should be substantive and demonstrate your understanding of the material. What aspects of the post do you agree or disagree with and why? Are there areas that are not clear? What did you learn from your peer’s post? Did the post spark questions that you would like to ask your peer? In this, and in all of your courseroom posts, be sure to keep your tone scholarly, respectful, and professional.Resources


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