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Analyze the organizational structure of a research report in your field. Copy, paste, and answer these questions:What is your field? What research report did you analyze (give a full citation)?Does this report illustrate the generic features described in Sections 4.3 through 4.7, or does it follow an alternative format?When, and how much, do the authors explain and/or justify statements in each section, and why are those explanations included?When, and how, are citations used (e.g., to cite relevant studies, to support an argument, to indicate awareness of a controversial or undecided issue)?How is this report similar to or different from a lab report in your field?How does the form of the report reflect the goals, objects, or methods of research in this particular field? In other words, what is the logic and purpose of the IMRAD form?What does your analysis tell you about the knowledge and expectations of the author’s audience?How does the authors’ awareness of the knowledge and expectations of the audience enhance the authors’ ethos?


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