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Let’s spend the last week reflecting on what we’ve learned, and thinking about how we will apply it now.For this final project, you are to write a 4-6 page paper on MS Access or create a detailed MindMap on MS Access.In this project, you should relate the learning we’ve experienced to the real world workplace you plan to work in. For instance, if you are an Administrative Professional major, research jobs in this career field where Access (or even other database programs) is used. What types of data is managed, how are things organized, what skills are sought, etc. Look around for projects that have been created for others. You can also discuss areas such as: how will you keep your skills up to date, if you work in an office occupation where you do not normally use databases, can you come up with projects that might be conducive to Access even though it’s not incorporated in the job or occupation now (think value-added or problems solved), etc. What info can you find regarding pay scales for jobs that include Access (or database) vs similar ones that do not. Discuss the value of including badges on your Linked In profile. Is there anything you discovered about forms, tables, etc. that you think is especially helpful in your line of work. You might also now want to overview changes coming in Office 2019 and what you will do to keep up. Etc.In summary, your 4-6 page paper (standard business report formatting – don’t go crazy with margins, line spacing, etc. to fill space) can go in any direction you wish, but should include some current research and relate the material we have studied to the real world. You can include reflection as well, but your whole paper should not be based on your reflection, it should be grounded in research.If you choose to create the MindMap instead of writing a paper, your MindMap should summarize our learning and relate it to the field you intend to pursue (or grow within) similar to the ideas above. Overall, the Mindmap gathers the same info and still organizes it, but lays it out in a different way. There are free tools available on line for creating your MindMap.As an added page, include a list of Works Cited (do this if you chose to do a paper or a Mindmap). You should cite a minimum of three, but citing many more would not be unusual.Your report should be well organized (beginning, middle, end), and be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Plagiarism is illegal here as any where. Your report must be submitted by its due date and time – absolutely no late work can or will be accepted for credit.In addition, everyone will create an Infographic that summarizes the twelve Records Management Rules we have learned. Use a free on-line Infographic program to design this electronically. Be creative; be professional.


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