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The purpose of this assignment is to explain how the principles of law and dispute resolution can be applied to real-world situations. 
Refer to the resources I  provided in the topic and what you have learned about the law, including constitutional, statutory, administrative, and common law and dispute resolution to complete the Chapter Case Questions please use the downloaded link as your only source for this assignment to help you  Answer each Chapter Case question in a minimum of 170-word response, for a total minimum of  525 words. In your discussion, you are required to cite supporting evidence to justify your response. Also, The Chapter Case Questions are based on concepts learned in the chapter readings but are not derived from a specific question in the textbook
Chapter 1 Case Question:   describe how the law and morality both align and diverge. Please provide at least one example of alignment and one example of divergence. 
Chapter 4 Case Question:   The Young Whig Party Society at Maricopa County Community College (MCCC), a public community college system, has invited a highly inflammatory speaker to present during an upcoming lecture. The MCCC reasonably believes that this inflammatory speakers presence will lead to riots, property destruction, and, potentially, physical injury to MCCCs students and other lecture participants. The lecture is scheduled to occur at 5:00 P.M. on a Wednesday, which is when most classes at MCCC end. This would result in many students, staff, and outsiders being able to attend the lecture. You are the in-house attorney at MCCC. Is it permissible under the First Amendment to force the Young Whig Party to reschedule the time and place of the lecture? Why? If the Young Whig Party at Grand Canyon University were to invite the same inflammatory speaker to campus, could Grand Canyon University outright cancel the lecture? Why? 
Chapter 5 Case Question:   Michelle has sued Steve for destroying the block wall that runs adjacent to the street. The block wall was a huge help in keeping the street noise out of Michelles yard during rush hour. Michelle alleges that Steve was moving into his new house (which neighbors Michelles house) and he accidentally put the moving truck into reverse when he meant to put it in the park. Even more bothersome, Michelle has found several witnesses that will testify in court that Steve was drinking at lunch. Approximately three weeks before the accident in question, Michelle moved out of the house and the day before the accident, Michelle officially sold the property.  Steve moves for summary judgment in his favor. How should the judge rule? 


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