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A primary source is an artifact that was created at the time under study and was more or less contemporaneous with the events, people, or places it describes or represents. Primary sources can be textual (a memoir, a letter, a legal code, tax record, etc.), visual (a photograph, painting, architecture, etc.), auditory (sound recording), audio-visual (film or video with sound, etc.), or some other contemporaneous record. Primary sources are differentiated from secondary sources, the articles and books written by historians and other scholars, and tertiary sources, which are textbooks, documentaries, and other syntheses of secondary sources.SELECTIONFor the 2-page draft Analytical Essay on a Primary Source, you will analyze one primary source from among those assigned in this course’s Discussion Boards. At the end of the month, you will submit a more complete, 4-5-page version of this same paper. For this assignment, you do not have to determine whether a given artifact is a primary source or not. In each Discussion Board Topic, one or more primary sources are clearly identified as such.The primary source i chose is Law Code of Hammurabi, its one of the discussion i already written on.


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