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Research Project GuidelinesResearch Project: You will select a debatable or controversial topic that impacts a culture or subculture, to which you do not belong, to study for the remainder of the course. The goal is to create a single, long paper that summarizes the topic, analyzes the literature and debate on the topic, reports information on that topic, and creates a clear call for action. All information will need to be supported through research. The final paper will be 3,000-4,000 words long, with 10-15 sources. This paper will use basic MLA formatting, but it will contain subheadings as well (see APA for how to format subheadings). Your paper will consist of the following section headings:1) Overview of Issue: You will write a 500 word summary of your topic explaining the issue, the arguments surrounding the issue, and the focus of your paper.2) Review of Literature: You will write 500-800 words explaining the major works about this topic. You will provide brief summaries of the works and a short criticism of the authors’ points.3) Analysis: You will write a 500 word causal analysis that reflects on a relationship or issue regarding your topic and the focus of your paper.4) Argument : You will evaluate arguments for or against the topic in-depth and write an 1,000 words that reviews both sides of the argument and comes up with a conclusion about which argument is stronger.5) Research: You will write 1,000 words providing detailed research on your topic that further elucidates the arguments and focus of your topic. This research will support and lead to your call to action.6) Call to Action: You will write 500 words expressing a specific call to action for your readers. This call to action will be detailed and prescriptive, using references from research.


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