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Finance 610: MD&A Assignment
Assignment Description:
Much discussion is spent on which is the most financial statement.  All of them certainly have merit and value.  The interdependency between them all is where the value of the analysis is often found.  One often over looked portion of the required filings for public company is the Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A).  This is found in the annual report.  The MD&A includes invaluable insight the prior year’s performance.  It also includes the strategic direction, potential environmental or operational issues, and other future goals.  This is often where the “story” found within the numbers is told.  This section is an invaluable resource for competitive analysis, job interviews, and investment analysis
Assignment Detail
Select a publicly traded company you are interested.
Read and analyze the Management Discussion and Analysis included the last 10K or 10Q filing.  Answer the following:  
What new information did you learn about the company?
What risks were identified in the report?  Was any mitigation for the risk discussed?
What are the top strategic priorities?  Were the return or financial expectations of these priorities discussed?  
Were any financing decisions discussed?  Discussion on debt, equity, dividends etc.
Assignment length:  1000 words, quality research going beyond the textbook is necessary.
Please do not use any Wikipedia, Investopedia etc. popular sites in this class.


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