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Question 1:
Why have rates of asthma and allergies skyrocketed in developed countries during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries? What are three hypotheses that have been developed to account for these (please describe each of them)?
Question 2:
What were the initial reactions to the ‘Navajo Plague’? How was it ultimately identified and was it property acknowledged?
Question 3:
Why are malaria and cholera considered resurgent diseases? How is global climate change playing a role?
Question 4:
How has dam building as a tool of development led to ecological transformations encouraging the spread or redistribution of infectious diseases? What are onchocerciasis and schistosomiasis and how has their transmission been influenced by dam building?
Question 5:
Why has the 20th century been referred to as the ‘century of the refugee’? What are some examples from your readings of ethnographic work done with displaced populations and those forced to migrate?
Question 6:
What is the obstetric dilemma and how is it related to bipedalism and human anatomy? Be sure to describe how our pelvis and cranial morphology differs from other non-human primates. How has it changed the way humans give birth and the capabilities of the newborn compared to other non-human primates?
Question 7:
What is a hattalii and why did Alvord visit him? Describe the ceremony that Alvord underwent and how it made her feel. How did the ceremony support or conflict with the biomedical treatment she received.
Question 8:
Please list and describe the three principles of research ethics. Please select two examples from your readings and discuss how they relate to these principles.
Question 9:
What is the author’s ‘perfect hospital’ and why? How does this perfect hospital encapsulate both her Navajo philosophies and biomedical training? How did the hospital in New Hampshire live up to the author’s image of a ‘perfect’ hospital? What does this say about the shifts that were occurring in the medical field at that time
Question 10:
How do lies about the COVID-19 vaccines take hold and spread? Who makes up the largest share of unvaccinated people in America? How much lower are your chances of dying if you’re vaccinated?
Please answer these questions aboutb a paragraph each 


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