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Step 1: PreparationWork through the four links indicated for this assignment. This should provide you with a general understanding of this exciting leader.You may want to revisit these sources to take notes before you begin writing. Keep in mind, she has initiated several different nonprofits.Step 2: Writing the PaperFirst, develop a bullet point outline of your main points. This should guide your paper.The following writing prompts are intended to “aid” you in developing this reflection paper. However, these do not represent a “checklist” that you must simply answer. This is an essay. Be sure to develop your own position and voice and include transitions between paragraphs.Prompt 1: Who is Nancy Lublin and why is she a “special” leader? This is your introduction section. You may want to write it AFTER you have completed the paper. It should tell the reader the purpose of this discussion, why you will focus on Ms. Lublin and at least one important idea that you will be discussing.Prompt 2: Refer to the chapter on vision in our text. Does Nancy have a vision? Use the concepts from the text and the ideas from the articles/video to answer this question. (You may focus on one of her nonprofits or across all of them.)Prompt 3: Refer to the chapter on leadership skills. Of these three skill sets, which one does Nancy seem to demonstrate the best. Give evidence.Prompt 4: Refer to the chapter on constructive climate. What type of structure, norms, and cohesion, standards of excellence do you think she helps to create? (No need to discuss all, but choose at least two and provide examples.)Prompt 5: In Nancy’s work discuss the issue of diversity/ inclusion. Can you identify any strategies that are reflected in these organizations? (Look at the chapter first!)Prompt 6: If you could interview Nancy Lublin, indicate two questions you would like to ask and discuss briefly why these would be helpful to you in developing your own future leadership approach.Conclusion: Discuss two “lessons” that Nancy Lublin teaches us about leadership? Indicate the personal relevance of these insights for your own future professional career development.Step 3: Process Note–For this assignment, be sure to include a cover page, and Works Cited list, and your outline. Use in-text citations for all paraphrasing and direct quotationsIf in doubt, then use a citation. APA formatting must be used throughout the paper. If you are not familiar with this style, then contact the Writing Center.-This paper should be 1000-1200 words in length. Please use a 12′ font and one-inch margins. and double-space the text of your paper.–Underline or use BOLD for 10 key terms that you have incorporated in the discussion.–Consult the writing rubric. This will be used to evaluate your paper.–Be sure to proofread the final paper and check for typos or other grammatical issues. The presentation does count!–Post this assignment on time!! do NOT wait until 5 minutes before the cut-off time. If you cannot post due to everyone trying to do it at the same time, your paper will not receive a grade.Checklist:-bullet point outline-cover page in APA format-body of the paper has been edited-in-text citations (at least 5-8) are includedReference list in APA formatThe links that need to be used areLink 1, 2, 3,


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