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First post on Tuesday is 150 Words; second and third responses due Saturday are 100 words each.
In this discussion, we’ll talk about the nurse-client relationship and the use of therapeutic communication as an important part of that relationship. Please answer the following questions:What are your concerns or fears about mental health nursing in general? Are you interested in mental health nursing, or do you approach the topic with some anxiety?What do you feel are essential aspects of a good nurse-client relationship?Please include an example of how you established good rapport and a good professional relationship with a patient in the work or clinical setting. What nonverbal and verbal techniques did you use in this relationship?Reply Post
My concern for mental health nursing would be possibly dealing with violent clients, and restraining them. I am not good with conflict, so I think that being in that type of situation would freak me out. I have been in one situation before dealing with a possibly violent client, and I was scared. There are definitely other ways to calm a client down, other than restraining them. I am curious to learn more about mental health and how to use better communication techniques.
I feel that communication is the foundation for a good nurse/client relationship. Good communication between the nurse and client allows for this relationship to grow. Nonverbal communication is also equally as important. Eye contact, touch, facial expressions, and body posture can make a client feel more comfortable. The client will also feel more confident in their care, if the nurse is a very attentive listener and communicator.
I had a client that was really nervous before her minor surgery (wisdom teeth), and I helped her feel more comfortable by the time the doctor came in. I told her that many other clients feel the same way that she does when they come in, and after it is all done, they do not feel that the surgery was that scary. I also explained that the thought of getting teeth pulled can be terrifying, but we will make sure that she feels completely comfortable before proceeding. I made sure to answer all of her questions, and I told her I would be in the room with her the entire time. I also added some humor to the conversation and asked her about school, to help get her mind away from the surgery.
Reply Post
I believe that a strong nurse-client relationship hinges on clear and open communication, an appreciation of the client’s normality, and above all else, the ability to trust one another. This is especially true when it comes to mental health issues. Understanding and responding to an individual’s behavior is critical when they cannot express themselves verbally. How you connect with these people sets the stage for a long-term friendship.My apprehensions about dealing with people who need mental health treatment are many. The issue of mental illness and its treatment is still a work in progress, given the amount of attention it has received in recent years. Treatments are being carried out on a trial and error basis to discover what works best for each patient. In many cases, people are over-medicated and misdiagnosed based on the possible adverse effects rather than their actual behavior before taking the medication. As a nurse, I’m left wondering whether the care I’m delivering is helping or hurting the patient’s mental health since there aren’t any concrete diagnoses.


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