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Choose a case study
    Researchthe problem/condition described
    Formulatea comprehensive nursing care plan for the client based on the described condition/issue-3 diagnosis must be considered of these one will be chosen to follow through Pleasemake sure you identify your primary diagnosis on the care plan
    Formulatea Nursing Care Plan-total pages – 5-6 pages including research page
Researching the problem/condition is to inform yourNursing Care Plan so be sure to do the following:
                       Research the problem/condition-this should be nolonger than 1 page and is separate from the Nursing Care Plan. Remember I amnot assessing your research I am assessing your application of knowledge inyour Nursing Care Plan but I need to see that you have researched the conditionsufficiently
                       You will need to understand the background of theproblem/condition, review information on incidence, risk factors, treatment,why it happens, how it happens, prognosis, cultural, lifespan and implicationsto the family unit etc.
                       Include this information (as appropriate) in yourNursing Care Plan
   Please follow the Rubric as it is howI assess this assignment.
    Nursingcare plan-in chart format (landscape or portrait), not all details will beprovided, include additional information you would like to know and/orinformation you are assuming based on the case description (note this in careplan).
       Remember to include 2 short term goals and 1 long termgoal in the care plan each goal needs have 3 interventions
    Areference page including all resources is to be included with the writtensubmission, this must be in APA format.
Requiredsubmissions to Drop Box for scanning and a hard copy to me on the Due Date bystart of class-if both are not submitted late penalties will apply
    Nursing CarePlan-chart format
    Reference page (APAformat)
NOTE-deductions will be applied if submission of ALL paperwork is notinclude-5%
 Please review  all the attached documents before starting the work.  


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