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To complete a discussion board question please be sure to submit a full response in a word document and consult the rubric to make sure you have completed the question completely.Professional responsibility and ethics are a large component of licensure and regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Licensing and Regulation. Every year, professionals violate those ethics and are reported to the licensure board to remedy the situation. Sometimes, the offenses and consequences are minor and require more continued education to remind the individual about the rules. Sometimes the offenses cause greater harm and the consequences result in suspension or revocation of the licensure. The following link to the following case (you can either copy & paste these links or they are also attached/uploaded): answer the following questions based on the SPS 164 that reflect unprofessional conduct: Under SPS 164, What was the behavior that was unprofessional (list all)?2. Ethical issues are those that cause harm to the client. In this case, what harm could occur based on the respondent’s action?3. Look at the decision made by the licensure board, do you believe this is a fair way to handle the problem?4. When looking at ethical issues, the professional counselor makes a decision that puts the clinician’s needs over the client’s best interest. Why might a clinician make this decision? With eyes of both discernment and empathy, what might have added to the reasoning (did the clinic play a role)?5. If you were this clinical supervisor, how difficult might it be to report a clinicial that works for your agency to the licensure board?


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