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08Jan 2022 by
part 1-Please use the information in the mini-case to complete this spreadsheet before proceeding to the next step. Note that you need to compute current annual expenses first.  Then estimate the Retirement Living Expenses based on your conversation with the client.  Assume inflation occurs at 3%.  Further, assume the return on investments after tax is 5%. Make sure you submit this form when it is complete.
PreviousNext. ( this is the excel document)
part 2- Now that you know the estimated living expenses in retirement, use this spreadsheet to compute how much is needed in the retirement fund. Then compute the monthly savings needed to reach that goal. Assume 3% inflation and 5% net after tax return on investments. Submit your completed spreadsheet below.  (Retirement goal work sheet is a word document)
I have attached both files for each question. 


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