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Module #5 Discussion LBS-498-OL01

View the photos of The Great Depression found at the Modern American Poetry website provided in your AVP and write a posting in which you respond to two-three photos, keeping in mind Agee’s work.
150-200 words total

40-60 Word Response to these posts below
Dorothea Lange took a picture of minorities picking lettuce on a farm in California. This reminded me of my Mexican grandma saying she picked foods on a farm, when she was a kid. Arthur Rothstein took a picture of farm workers in Oklahoma during The Dust Bowl. I remember the heat of the desert, but at least it wasn’t windy when I was out West. 
The Grapes of Wrath is a novel written by John Steinbeck, during the 
Great Depression
, the novel focuses on the Joads, a poor family of 
tenant farmers
 forced to leave their 
 home because of the droughts. The novel and photographs are of poor farmers in tough conditions, similar to Agee’s works. 
“In a journal entry kept while working on this novel – a practice he continued all his life — the young author wrote: “the trees and the muscled mountains are the world — but not the world apart from man — the world and man — the one inseparable unit man and his environment. Why they should ever have been understood as being separate I do not know” (Steinbeck, n.d.).
Indeed, man depends on his environment for his life and livelihood. We should learn to take better care of it.

The first photograph that instantaneously caught my eye from the Modern American Poetry website was by artist Dorthea Lange and called Migrant Mother. Lange captured this photograph while she was in Nipomo, California, doing an assignment on migratory farm labor for the Resettlement Administration (Lange, 1936). This photograph is raw with emotion and is very compelling to evoke sympathy from the viewer. This photograph is seemingly different from the photographic work of Walker Evans in Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. The pictures by Evans seem to take a more objective form. Evan’s work was more “realistic,” and he captured moments as they happened from the background. The photographs by Lange seem to be taken at the opportune moment and be used as a catalyst for pushing personal opinions or eliciting emotion.
The second photograph that caught my eye was Waiting, also by Dorthea Lange. The picture shows sharecroppers and tenant farmers waiting for California’s semimonthly government relief check (Lange, 1937). These tenant farmers and sharecroppers left their farms and came west due to the great storms that hit the southern states during the 1930a (Lange, 1937). The photo depicts a glum look on the one man who has both hands in his pockets. This photograph, much like Migrant Mother, was most likely taken with the consent of the farmers and used to push a form of social justice. The picture is different than the writing style of James Agee and the photography style of Walker Evans and is consistent with Dorthea Lange’s work. It is a very emotionally compelling photograph that makes the viewer sympathetic to the plight of the sharecropper and tenant farmers d The third photograph that caught my eye was Dust Bowl by photographer Arthur Rothstein. This photograph is of a farmer and his children during a dust storm in Oklahoma, caused by a significant drought that decimated agriculture during the Great Depression (Rothstein, 1936). I think this photograph by Arthur Rothstein is different as it shows the farmer and his children in motion during the shoot. In the pictures from Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, the people usually look straight at the camera and motionless.
All in all, these photographs were taken during the Great Depression echo similar sentiments from James Agee and Walker Evans. They depict the economic fallout and poverty that people were experiencing in the rural parts of the country. They capture the raw emotion and anxiety that the people experienced during this exceptionally trying time in our country’s history.
The assignment See attached
Module #5 Discussion LBS-498-OL01
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